Evil Wreckoning V2 Frame only

Evil Wreconing available in five configurations (GX, X01, AXS) and two colors (Coral Reefer, Blackout Drunk)


Few words about Evil Wreckoning V2 Frame only

The most aggressive weapon from Evil arsenal. Recently, refreshed, and redesigned geometry of the frame with 166mm of travel is more than enough to slay every trail on your way. This EVIL will surly and without fail take wherever you want because it’s equipped for the job! Its pedal forward geometry will help you to get quickly up only to get downy quickly afterwards and without struggle. Like others in his family, the Wreckoning has a 157mm SUPERBOOST rear axle, which gives incredible stiffness and control on every descent and corner. Of course, it’s a 29’er and our favourite.

Available in two colours and in five different specifications.

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