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Finding a perfect bike is not easy, mostly because we all have different expectations. Bike Builders is a bunch of enthusiasts happy to help you with finding the perfect gear best fitted to your needs, riding style and budget. We will build your bike from the scratch using the components you choose yourself from our Configurator. We can also provide you with best quality second-hand bikes tested and sold under our warranty, as well as brand new equipment from top manufacturers. See you all on trails!

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The guys advised me what type of bike would be the most suitable for me, I chose the Santa Cruz Bronson, M size. I have a 5.8 and it's freaking awesome.
Custom Machine
Good communication and professional advice! That’s all you need. Cheers
Used but Shiny
I was buying a bike from the "Used but Shiny" category and the bike was in a really good condition, fully serviced and shiny as advertised.
Used but Shiny