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Studying specifications and picking each of the components by yourself is not really your thing? You would rather buy complete, ready-to-use bicycle? No problem! We also offer new, factory-configured bikes with full manufacturer’s warranty. You just have to pick model, colour and size from the catalogue and let us do the rest.

“The adjectives ‘Fun’ and ‘Lively’ were worn thin by experts describing the Evil. This bike climbed as efficiently as could be expected from a full-suspension rig. On the downside, the DELTA suspension system was seen as complicated and maintenance-thirsty, which is a small price to pay for impressively progressive suspension that defies convention. See no, hear no, speak no… but if you have the coin, ride Evil.”

Established in the States not long ago, but from the very beginning of its existence Evil Bikes showed a passion for downhill and bold technological solutions. Combined with the experience gained over the years get you really “evil” machines, which are not following normal rules as they climb efficiently, but descend even better. That is possible thanks to progressive and sophisticated DELTA suspension. All evil bikes are carbon and the vast majority of models are 29ners, so if you are looking for a bike for long mountain trips and you value downhill sections more than climbs, it’s time for EVIL. We are official dealer of the brand, so in our store you will find manufacturer’s configurations, as well as custom builds made by us, Bike Builders. Also you can create your own version by using configurator.

“While it’s no doubt an ‘enduro’ bike, it’s also fun and nimble, and is just as happy playing in the woods as going flat out in steep and rough terrain. Get it up to speed and it’s composed and confident, with suspension that lets you charge into the roughest of tracks, while feeling easy to move around in tight terrain. While a lot of brands are moving solely to 29in wheels for their longer travel bikes, the Mega 275 Factory shows that smaller wheels can still have a place for those looking for something that is as fun as it is fast.”

One of the legendary brands in bike industry with 30 years of experience in building gravity bicycles best known for long cooperation with Sam Hill, who was winning for them in downhill and now he is doing it in enduro as well. Nukeproof was always close with their riders and together with them they have been constantly improving their machines to achieve great technical specifications, which won’t ruin your wallet. Check what others say and you will see that Nukeproof has been rewarded by many bike magazines and gained great recognition among riders. Here at Bike Builders we focus mostly on enduro rigs, so our weapon of choice will be Mega275 or Mega290, and you will find them in Custom Machine section or you can build your own setup with our configurator.

“Many things have changed since we first opened our doors, but our product developers, engineers, marketing nerds, salespeople, and athletes are still a tight-knit crew that works and plays in these mountains. From local trail days to backcountry adventures, we’re all here for a reason: we love mountain biking.”

Rocky Mountain is a legendary brand known to riders across the globe for over 25 years. Company name gives you a strong suggestion of where their bikes are being born, developed, and tested. All of that is happening with the support of freeride veterans like Thomas Vanderham or Wade Simmons who are constantly working on improvements to Rocky Mountain machines. Bike Builders is proud to offer new riders a piece of that long-lasting passion for bikes in every model we’ve got in our store. 

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