Magura MT Trail SL


Few words about Magura MT Trail SL

The MT Trail SL gives you the best of two worlds, because with a weight of only 230 g per brake (average value).
It not only boasts incredible calibration, but its unique trail combination also offers brutal braking power and precise modulation.

The chrome finish makes this brake a real eye-catcher.
The ergonomically-optimized 1-finger HC carbon lever blade saves weight and is even more rigid than its aluminum counterparts.

Scope of Use- Trail, All Mountain, Enduro, E-MTB
Weight- Front: 240 g / Rear: 220 g
Master- Material: Carbotecture SL, Flip-Flop-Design
Lever Blade- 1-Finger HC, Carbon
Hydraulic- Yes
Brake Fluid- Royal Blood (mineral oil based)
EBT (Easy Bleed Technology)- Yes
Bite Adjust- No
Reach Adjust- Yes, 3mm allen key
Banjo Fitting- Yes
Pistons- Front: 4 / Rear: 2
Tubing- MAGURA Disctube
Shift Mix- Yes (optional)
Remote Mix- Yes (optional)
Recommended Rotor- Storm SL.2, Storm HC, MDR-C, MDR-P
eBike Switch- No
Mounting- PM/IS
Colors- Black / blue / chrome polished


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