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Evil Wreckoning V3 Frame only


Few words about Evil Wreckoning V3 Frame only


Evil Wreckoning V3 frame is the most aggressive weapon from Evil arsenal. Recently, refreshed, and redesigned geometry of the frame with 166mm of travel is more than enough to slay every trail on your way. This EVIL will surly and without fail take wherever you want because it’s equipped for the job! Its pedal forward geometry will help you to get quickly up only to get downy quickly afterwards and without struggle. Like others in his family, the Evil Wreckoning frame has a 157mm SUPERBOOST rear axle, which gives incredible stiffness and control on every descent and corner. Of course, it’s a 29’er and our favourite.

Available in two colours and in five different specifications.

Perhaps what’s most exciting is the Evil Wreckoning V3  frame sheer mind-expanding spectrum of options. Want steep aggressive angles on a burly trail bike? Set the Flip Chip to the “LOW” position and run a 160mm fork. Looking for a do-everything, one-bike quiver? Go with a 170mm fork and the bike climbs as well as it descends on all terrain. Ready to channel your throw a freeride rampage? Run a 190mm fork and double down with our stock RockShox Super Deluxe coil rear suspension. Short chain stays keep every rider manualing regardless of the setup. Through any number of Flip Chip positions and choice of fork, the geometry gets dialed into your style of riding, by the bike, the day…even by the trail. This is your bike. Make it work for you…

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