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History of Bike Builders

Idea to establish Bike Builders came to us naturally. Many times it was us who were faced with troublesome task of choosing the bike that meets our expectations, but doesn’t exceed the budget at the same time. We always managed to succeed in one way or another, but searching for this “dream bike” took lots of time and visits to strange places. We’ve seen hundreds of bikes, visited many great and not-so-great biking locations, searched through tones of catalogues and met lots of interesting people. Finally we’ve realized that our know-how and practical experience can help other people to find their own dream bike. And that’s how Bike Builders came to be!

Founded by bikers for Bikers



People behind Bike Builders

We are a group of biking enthusiasts who decided to join their passion and work together. Although we ran a business, you won’t see us in ties, as each free moment we spend getting ourselves dirty with grease or dust, either at our workshop or while exploring undiscovered trails. Mountain biking is what we do from our earliest years, times when we would just brag about how many gears we had. Since then many things have changed, we have new technologies and biking equipment is now much more specialized. We try to stay up-to-date with all new developments, as biking is part of our everyday lives in more ways than one. Thanks to years of riding on and servicing bikes we are now capable of picking biking equipment perfectly fitted to your individual needs. And that’s what we mainly specialize in — customizing and building bikes individually for each client. Looking for something out-of-the-box? With us everything is possible!

The workshop

We are an independent workshop – that’s for sure!
That means we are not big, but we are professionals. We are also dealers of well-known brands of components and frames. The list is still growing as we are adding something new almost every day. If you build with us, you can be sure that your bike will be built on quality parts by a professional bike mechanic from our own workshop or from one of our trusted partners.

That’s what Bike Builders do!







Nukeproof Mega 275 carbon in action


Krzysiek Bednarz Bike Builders rider


Szymon Bielawa Bike Builders